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Wheat Soup

For today, we bring one of the specialties of the island of Madeira, characteristic for its gummy texture. There are several variations of the recipe, each home does its own thing. The richest recipes are prepared with pork and various vegetables, in the humblest, only lard and seed are added.


1/2 kg of wheat
1/2 pound of beans
1 kg of seed
1 kg of pumpkin
1/2 kg of salted pork
Cabbage q.s.
Carrot q.s. Turnip q.b.
Onion q.b.
6 liters of water
Sweet potato q.s.


Dipping the wheat and beans the day before.
The next day he takes to cooking in water the wheat, the beans and the pork. When everything is cooked, add the seeds, without peeling, and the vegetables peeled and cut into pieces.
Before serving, remove the meat and cut to pieces.
Pour the soup into a terrine and add the cut meat. A sweet potato is served separately.

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