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Madeira Wine Vibe Beef

This traditional Christmas recipe, also called Wine Meat and Garlic, is typical of the Madeira region. It is consumed throughout the year, but with more incidence at Christmas, being one of the main dishes of the archipelago associated with this festive season, especially at lunch on December 25.

This traditional dish of meat, with an intense and sour taste, should be prepared three days before the confection, and the meat to be marinated in the vine of garlic during this time. It can be made in several ways, depending on your presentation at the table.


(4 people)

For the preparation of the dish

1 sliced orange
400 g of sweet potato
600 g of small potatoes
600 g of pork loin (little fat)
8 thick slices of bread
For the garlic vine

1 bay leaf
100 ml of vinegar
200 ml white wine
6 cloves garlic
Salt, pepper q.s. Or 1 chilli


Wash the pork tenderloin in hot water, drain well and cut into small bites.

Prepare the vineyard with white wine, placing the vinegar, garlic, bay leaf and other seasonings in a large bowl.

Mix pieces of meat very well in the garlic vine and let it marinate for three days.

On the day of the confection, pour the meat and marinade in a pan and bring to a boil. As it boils, soak the slices of bread in the sauce, do not let them soak too much and then put them on a platter.

When the meat is cooked, pour the sauce into a frying pan and let it cool. Remove the fat that has formed on the surface and fry the meat and bread, adding a little lard or olive oil, if necessary.

Meanwhile, peel all the potatoes, cut them to the thick slices and bake them.

Once cooked, sauté the potatoes in the frying pan, taking advantage of the meat sauce.

Serve very hot, accompanied by sauteed potatoes, fried corn in the style of Madeira and orange slices.


This dish can be cooked only in the pot. In this case, do not remove the sauce or fry the bread, cooking the potatoes in the sauce, when the meat is almost ready.

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