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Madeira Honey Cake

Madeira Honey Cake is a dense cake filled with nuts and spices, delicious and that lasts for a whole year (hence it is said that on December 8th, the remains of cakes from last year are eaten and made New hehehe). This recipe gives for about 6 medium cakes, reduce the revenue if you want to make less quantity. Flour - 2,5kg Sugar - 1kg Bathtub - 750gr Butter - 500gr Sweet Herb - 25gr Cinnamon - 50gr Indian Craving - 12gr Clove of Acha - 12gr Spice Mixture - 12gr Walnut - 2kg (with shell) Almond Almond - 250gr Cidrão - 50gr Sodium Bicarbonate - 2 Tablespoons Bread of Mass - 250gr Honey of Cana - 1.8 liters (about 2 bottles and half of molasses) Madeira Wine - 1 Cup Orange - 4 Instructions: The day before you prepare the Honey Cake, you go to the baker to buy bread in bulk (pasta that is already well fermented), alternatively you can add 250gr of flour, 100ml of tepid water and 10gr of baker's yeast, to create a mass of Bread, then grab what you bought or made, wrap it with flour and put it inside a napkin in a warm place from one day to the next. The next day, you start by gathering all the spices and crushing well in a mortar, cut almonds, walnuts and the citrus, dissolve baking soda in Madeira wine. Part, melt the lard and butter with the honey, add the zest of the oranges and the juice and leave warm. In a large bowl, sieve the flour and sugar, make a pit in the middle and pour the yeast dough there, then knead well until you have a nice homogeneous mass, then slowly add the fat mixture with the honey and orange and kneading Until the dough is ready. After all the mixture with the honey is incorporated, it joins the dried fruits, the wine of wood with the bicarbonate and the spices, kneads a little more until the mass begins to detach from the bowl. Now blow it with a cloth and let it rise in a warm place, for 3 to 4 days, at last you will divide the dough into cakes of the sizes you want (250gr, 500gr or larger), pour the dough into round and low shapes well Greased with butter and takes to a hot oven to 200ºC to cook, after leaving the oven decorates with more nuts, almonds and bits of citron. Once made and cooled, wrap in paper or adherent film and store in boxes, well kept they last 1 whole year. For a 500 gram cake the nutritional data are: Calories: 4894, Fats: 243, Proteins: 73, Carbonates: 534. Tips: If you remove the great majority of the dried fruits and add more spices you raise the so-called Rotten Cake (do not let the name frighten you, you basically create a spicier cake and less rich in nuts). Some variations also carry raisins, this is the traditional recipe, but I prefer raisins. If you do not fix it, swap everything for butter.

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