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Espetada Madeirense Regional

Madeirense skewer is a dish of traditional cuisine known and appreciated short and across borders of Portugal, taking different names depending on the country or ingredients used. It is the typical Madeiran dish par excellence, being originalmnete confectioned with beef and on skewers of laurel wood. The meat for the confection of Madeiran steak should be tender and juicy, with a layer of fat on the outside of the piece.

For a long time these skewers were only served in the Madeiran campuses or pilgrimages. These parties were one of the rare opportunities for the popular to eat beef, which because of its cost only went to the table of the less affluent population, "from party to party." It was only in the 50's of the century. XX that is based on traditional Madeira gastronomy was introduced in the restoration, by the hand of Francisco da Silva Freitas, in the parish of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, which instituted the first restaurant of skewers in Madeira. Due to the fact that it was introduced in the Madeiran restoration in the Strait of Câmara de Lobos, the origin of this espetada came to be linked to this place, although its origins are popular.

The spit as an emblematic dish of the Madeira restoration was quickly mirrored throughout the archipelago, with the opening of restaurants of the specialty, in which the kebab was the only or the most important dish. Over time, instead of the laurel stick skewers, which gave the meat a sui generis flavor, they were replaced by iron or aluminum skewers. New accompaniments were also introduced, namely the salad, the fried corn and also the Bun of the Caco that, in a way, would replace the homemade bread of the arraiais.

Nowadays, espetada is probably the most consumed dish in the festivals and pilgrimages of Madeira, where there are several butchers where people buy the pieces of meat and then baked in "communal" grills, being served with wine and orange.


1 kg of beef tenderloin
1 branch of green laurel
2 heads of garlic
Coarse salt q.b

Cut meat into small cubes or cobblestones and set aside.

Crush garlic with peel and bay leaf in the mortar.

Sprinkle the meat on the skewers of the laurel stick, placing the whole fat on the same side.

Season with salt and bake on both sides. When you remove it from the brazier, shake off the excess salt, hitting the jabs in each other.

Serve with fried corn, caco cake and garlic butter.

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