Live Camera from Funchal City

It is with the inauguration of the decorative illuminations in the streets of downtown Funchal, during the month of December, that the program of the Christmas and New Year Festivities of Madeira begins.   These celebrations culminate in the famous fireworks show, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 as the greatest spectacle in the world. These celebrations are part of a rich and extensive program of cultural, religious, ethnographic and artistic events that covers the entire month of December and ends on 8 January. Find out more about what to expect at the Christmas and New Year holidays in Madeira: December 23rd The Market Night is held on December 23rd, when Madeiran people make the last Christmas purchases and it is in this bustle that the spirit of the "Festa", a designation conferred by Madeiran people to Christmas, is best felt. The inhabitants move to the Market Farmers where the surrounding streets, which are closed to traffic, are occupied by several outlets open all night. These offer various regional products such as flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, sweets, meat-wine-and-garlic sandwiches and typical drinks, such as the poncha. At nightfall there is the biggest attraction of the day, a spectacle of traditional Christmas songs where locals take on the role of true artists. Also the participation of music bands and folkloric ranches help to maintain the atmosphere of celebration and of much animation until dawn. December 28th Organized by the Madeira Athletics Association, the Tour of the City of Funchal is one of the oldest sporting events of its kind in Portugal and Europe. This competition that has been attracting to the Region numerous athletes of the national and international panorama, fills the Madeiran capital with much adrenaline and animation. Day December 31 The fireworks display lasts about eight minutes and is distributed by several fire stations located in the amphitheater of Funchal, on the seafront and downtown, on the sea and a post on the island of Porto Santo. This grandiose spectacle, one of Madeira's most important tourist posters, was recognized internationally by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 as "The World's Greatest Firework Display" January 5th On the night of January 5 to 6, the Kings are sung at the neighbors' house, and a little everywhere. It is in this spirit that it seeks to recreate the popular tradition of the traditional Madeiran songs that were made this day, door to door, in several localities of the RAM that the Association of Houses of the People of the Autonomous Region of Madeira organizes and produces in the auditorium of the Municipal Garden of Funchal , The musical performance "Sing the Kings", thus marking the end of the New Year festivities. "Childbirth Masses" Christmas begins with the "Masses of Childbirth" from December 16 and end on the eve of Christmas Day with the mass of the rooster. The "Masses of Childbirth" - the novenas - are nine in their totality and are celebrated at dawn. After the mass, in the churchyard the believers gather to listen to the songs, accompanied by groups of chords, accordions and castanets and where there is not lacking the "despiques" followed by the "jungle" with spirits, liqueurs , Broas and cakes. In some parishes in Madeira, such as Camara de Lobos and Camacha, the tradition of philharmonic bands is maintained, accompanied by other instrument players, such as castanets, bass drums, accordions or accordions, go door-to-door, a joyful symphony, Inhabitants and rush them to this typical ritual 

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